Our Creations

Below you’ll find “case studies” of some of our projects. We strongly suggest you go through them (they’re very short) so you get an idea of what your website can do for you.

orchestrationonlineThis is one of our most beloved projects!

Orchestration Online is a website which has some interesting custom features; on the front page, the website retrieves the latest blog post as well as any special announcements that Thomas, the site owner, wishes to convey to his audience which consists mostly of orchestrators, from beginners to professional.

Working in tandem with the website is a Patreon account, where users get paid-membership access to premium content. Also present, is the all-important Blog as well as the Holy Grail of money-making feature – the Newsletter.

Web Design Malta - Daithi RuaDaithi’s website is feature-rich but we made it very easy for him to update the website’s content without having to worry about keeping a uniform design since everything is automated.

Sometimes, good website structure means that we limit a client not with the type of content they¬†uploads, but with how that content displays on the front-end of the website. While this might sound like a limitation, it’s not, because it liberates you from the worry that you’ll mess your website up. The design is always separate from the content!

Web Design Malta - Silvio VassalloSilvio Vassallo Jewellery is one of the leading jewellers in Malta.

Silvio’s website has quite a few gems in it; we mean in terms of features. It’s also very scalable enabling our client to insert team members, clients reviews, star-rating on products and various business related announcements.

The slider on the front page is a big “shout” to his clients about the latest products he introduced and the featured products further down are enabled with a simple click of a button.