5 Reason to Have an Online Presence

Achieving online presence is of utmost importance and not difficult to do. ¬†Putting your small business online is not merely a question of building a website with your company’s details and an “About Us” page. It means taking your brick-and-mortar business and creating a virtual version of it thanks to an informative website, Facebook page, Twitter, and if possible even other social networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

We are in the Information Technology age and people, yes including you and me, have become very lazy when it comes to looking up information. How long has it been since you last picked up the telephone directory to look up a telephone number?

Online presence takes care of these things and more!


You may close shop every day at 7pm but your website will stay online 24/7 all year round. This enables your potential customers to go through your website after business hours and you never know, in the middle of the night, while you’re fast asleep, you might make a sale if you have an online store or acquire a new customer who will pay you a visit the next day.

We live in a world were instant gratification is on the increase. People want things and people want them now! You don’t want to miss on the urge a customer might get to buy something from you.

Brand Building MaltaBuilding a Brand

In essence, what Brand Building means is building a trusting relationship with your customers. Just like a clean-looking, well-organised shop makes you feel more at ease, a business with online presence breeds credibility.

People reviewing your services and products, your interactions with customers as well as the frequency and consistency of your Social Media posts, all conspire to create a positive and solid impression of your company making a future sale more likely.

Greater Audience

Why limit yourself to a local area when you can go national or even global? Your virtual presence is accessible to everyone – from your next door neighbour to a complete stranger across the globe (or someone who’s too lazy to drive 3km to your shop).

Proof of What Works and What Doesn’t

Numbers don’t lie. You will have numerical proof of what works and what doesn’t by tracking your website and social media metrics. If you share a new blog post or product on your social media and you see a lot of interaction, you’ll know that you’ve struck gold, then all you need to do is do more of the good stuff and less of the stuff that didn’t work (or eliminate it completely).

Easier Selling and Marketing

Try pushing someone into buying something they need and they won’t. But talk candidly to someone about a product in a convincing manner, and as the saying goes, you will sell a fridge to an eskimo.

When a potential customer is reading something you wrote on your blog, or an article you shared on your social media which is related to your business or products, they will have the opportunity to sit back and make an informed decision without feeling the pressure of a salesperson trying to make a commission off them.

Bonus Reason

Last but not least, have an online presence saves you on advertising, printed material and mailing costs which can very easily add up in the hundreds of Euros.

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