Fully SEO’d

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. While those words might sound somewhat technical, it’s just a big fancy term for building and maintaining a website in such a way that search engines like Google and Yahoo will give it preference over others. We’ll do the building part and guide you through the maintaining. It’s easy once you know what to do.

We use a ton of tricks which are not only legal but also advisable (by Google and other tech giants) to make sure that your website stands out when people search for something related to your line of business.

serpsDon’t worry, there is no “black art” behind it; it’s just special markup that makes your website look like this (the red boxes in the image on the right) when your website comes up in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

We also take care of Facebook which is the largest social media outlet. When people share your content on Facebook, the links and images will show up all polished and professional as they should, following Facebook’s standards.

For SEO to work as it should, you will need to make a slight effort from your part as well. We promise you it’s really nothing complicated. A 6-year-old could do this. But these little tweaks would enhance and help search engines and social media websites funnel traffic to your website, which is ultimately your goal.