Mobile Responsive

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

Use Experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with products or services by improving usability, enhancing ease-of-use, accessibility and enjoyment during customer interaction. It means that the way a visitor interacts with your website is just as important as the design and the content on your web pages.

Mobile Responsive Malta Web DesignIn order to achieve this, we follow the best standards and practices set by big players like W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc…

Your website will also be fully mobile-responsive which means that it will perfectly fit and display nicely on all types of screens sizes — from small smartphones to tablets and desktop monitors.

If we don’t do that, your audience using a smartphone will have a very hard time viewing your website because they will be served a huge cumbersome desktop monitor-size version on a screen that is much smaller and text will be unreadable, menus will be off-screen, they’ll have to scroll up and down and left and right… it’s a nightmare. Web users find this very annoying and will leave your website and you will potentially lose a customer.

We go to great lengths to make sure that any kind of content you will be posting on your website, moves, grows, shrinks or changes automatically and smoothly, according to the device that your website users are using.

To do this, we use the latest technologies available and follow the latest web standards issued by leading tech giants like Google, W3C and Microsoft among others.

If you’re reading this on a desktop monitor, the image on the right will show you how beautifully our website adapts to fit a smartphone-size screen. Go ahead and click on the menu-button menu

What about older browsers?

We keep your customers in mind all the time and some of your customers might still be using some old browsers.

We make use of what’s called CSS graceful degradation. These are clever CSS tricks that make your website retain as much of its intended original design as possible even when browser support is limited.

Cross browser compatibility

There is also the fact that, what looks good on Chrome, doesn’t necessarily look good on Internet Explorer or Firefox, and vice-versa. We test your website on all sorts of browsers to make sure that it looks as it should across all of them.

Bottom line: We develop websites which will keep all of your readers and online customers happy!