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Please find these link in my CV as well, however, since the form asks for it, I’m adding some links of sites that I have worked on as a freelancer or contractor.

Trabuxu Wine, Bistro, Living

As the web developer for Trabuxu’s website, I implemented a user-friendly online platform for a distinguished wine bar and bistro in Valletta, Malta. I innovated a unique feature on the menu: a currency converter that updates daily through an API, with responses cached for 24 hours to optimize performance. This enhancement significantly improves the browsing experience for international visitors, allowing them to see menu prices in their preferred currencies.

Orchestration Online

Orchestration Online is a comprehensive platform dedicated to the art of orchestration, positioning itself as a premier global resource for online orchestration tutoring. The site offers a wealth of resources including tutorials, courses, orchestration tips, eBooks, and a blog that provides in-depth reviews and advice on orchestration techniques. The website is designed to support both aspiring and seasoned composers and orchestrators with their professional development, featuring an extensive range of materials to enhance learning and mastery in the field.

Abelands Property Development

Abelands is a leading property development company in Malta and Gozo, offering a wide range of residential units, from contemporary apartments to executive family homes. Their website showcases current and past projects, highlighting desirable locations and quality construction. It provides information for buyers at various stages, from first-time homeowners to those looking to downsize, ensuring properties meet diverse needs and preferences. The site also actively seeks properties and plots to develop, reflecting their expansive approach to real estate in Malta.

Kyte Global

Kyte Global, established in 2006, is a leader in information security and compliance services, offering comprehensive solutions across various industries, including gaming and fintech. With a presence in over 65 countries, Kyte provides services such as AML, GDPR compliance, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and cybersecurity testing. The website also integrates an e-learning portal for training, reflecting their commitment to raising industry standards through innovation and expertise.