What We Do

We design engaging websites for startup and small businesses that meet your specifications no matter how simple or complex they are.

Building a website is fairly easy. Building a website focused around a user’s experience (UX) is a totally different story.

What is a UX?

Malta Web Design Small Business StartupA website is a collection of one or more pages that contain your content.

The UX, in essence, is, “How do I feel when I use this website?”

It’s a bit like driving a car. Both a Lada and a Ferrari would take you to work from home and back, but your experience in driving a Ferrari will be cool, awesome, orgasmic. Driving a Lada will be less so.

Making sure the user has a great experience while browsing and using your website, will make sure that they will remember it and keep coming back to it. This will translate in more readership and / or more sales.

eCommerce Websites

Malta Web Design eCommerce
Upload the product once…

If you sell tangible products, your website will not be complete without an online store. Why limit yourself to your brick and mortar store when you can reach a nationwide or even a worldwide customer-base?

We specialise in eCommerce websites making the process of selling your products online very easy and smooth.

Take a picture of your product, write a compelling description, fill in the price, chuck in a discount and that’s it: the website will take care of everything else and you will be selling even when you close shop in the evening and during weekends and holidays as well!

Malta Web Design eCommerce
The website will take care of the rest.