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An illustration for a blog post titled 'Revert Merge in Git' featuring a symbolic representation of a Git merge process with two branches coming together into a single line, then splitting back into two separate lines to symbolize the revert action. The branches are depicted in a digital, schematic style, with nodes representing commits. The background should be tech-inspired, with a faint, abstract pattern of code or binary digits. The colors should be a mix of blues and greens, associated with technology and coding, to create a modern and clean look. Include the title 'Revert Merge in Git' at the top or bottom of the image in a clear, readable font.

Revert Merge in Git

by Avalon Studios

Given that the master branch is protected and direct pushes are not allowed, a common workflow involves creating a new branch, reverting the merge commit there, and then creating a pull request (PR) to merge those changes back into master. Let's go through this process with a practical example. Step 1: Create a New Branch First, ensure your local master…